Heine, Niemcy

Heine, typically for that period was a cabinet maker before picking up propeller production. Established by Hugo Heine workshop was located several premises in Waidmannslust Berlin. By 1914 the company trade mark “Heine Propellers” was registered. A growing demand of WWI aircraft production resulted in some 36.000(?) propellers produced at that period,making Heine the largest producer of German airscrews. Thanks to the big number relatively many of them survived to contemporary times.

The history of Heine propellers were continued during the mid war times. Many of german and not only german aircraft were bearing Heine propellers. Heine contributed also to the WWII effort.

Heine in Poland. Obviously, Heine propellers were used in Poland after regaining independance in 1918; That concerned some propellers installed on captured aircraft, damaged, and stored in warehouses (like it was in Poznań – Ławica).

Mid war Times saw  Heine propellers also installed on some Polish new – designed aircraft, ordered directly at manufacturer. That was untill the German – Polish political tension stopped the deals.

After WWII the history re-occured, and german capured aircraft, like HE 72 Kadett cor FW 44 Stiegliz, were fitted again with captured German propellers including Heine, some of proppeelers were fouund as used or  spare parts.

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